CCTV Residential

The benefits of video surveillance systems is enormous and here at Sight & Sound we specialize in bringing these benefits to our clients. All of our systems are custom designed to fit the needs and budget of the homeowner. Many times we have provided a surveillance solution that exceeded our client’s needs and provided the extra security and peace of mind.

We build camera systems from as small as a spy camera to watch the nanny while at work, or extensive HD systems to completely cover the premises. We also have the ability of integrating these systems with our other home automation solutions that make everything very user friendly.

CCTV Commercial

Our goal at Sight & Sound is always making or saving our clients money. Video surveillance is a great tool in saving money from losses due to theft, lawsuits, employee misconduct, vandalism and the list goes on. A quality professionally installed video surveillance system with proven reliability is what our team can implement for you.

Providing cameras that see excellent with low light or no light, or in extreme weather, or remarkable distances, it is all possible with the solutions that we provide. Allow our experts to work side by side to design and install a system that goes above and beyond without, breaking the budget.